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Tentum Ltd.
For the Service of Builders

Tentum Ltd. is a versatile engineering office for building design and consulting services. The firm is located in Lieksa, North Karelia. We serve, according to projects, in Finland or in the customer’s homeland. We have clients e.g. in Norway, Estonia, Germany, Russia, and Rumania.

The office was founded in 1994. The functions of its predecessor, Tmi Karjalan Raksi, have completely passed to Tentum Ltd., founded in 2008. In this way the experiences and visions, gathered in the course of years, are now wholly at the disposal of house owners and builders.
We offer, together with our associates, services related to the drafting and realization of construction.

Our services are based on the wishes of customer and our know-how, open mind, and unerring style. Brightness, naturalness, energy and sensitivity depict our activities.

Individuality, imaginativeness, sentiment and sense were joined in the projects already completed, and those are the values we want to offer our every client in every project we receive in future.

Tentum Oy Honkalahdentie 9, 81700 Lieksa FINLAND tel. +358 400 187 437